S.No Works related to SEZ Units Prescribed Time limits for disposal (in working days)
1 Examination of the application for setting up of units. 15
2 Preparation of agenda items and minutes of UACmeeting 15
3 Issuance of Letter of Approval after approval by UAC. 15
4 Application for allotment of space / possession of the unit in case of Central Government SEZs. 90
5 Execution of Bond-Cum-LUT. with regard to its obligations regarding proper utilization and accountal of goods, including capital goods, spares, raw materials, components and consumables including fuels, imported or procured duty free and regarding achievement of positive net foreign exchange earning 7
6 Execution of lease deed between units & SEZ developer: 5
7 Approval for registration of unit at SEZ Online System. Same day
8 Issuance of Importer Exporter Code. 3
9 Issuance of Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate. 3
10 Issuance of Form-I for CST Exemption & examination of its Utilisation. 5
11 Extension of LOA upto 4th year. 7
12 Enhancement of production capacity Both
13 Renewal of LOA after completion of five years of operation by the unit. (UAC matter) 30
14 Permission for Jewellery exhibitions abroad. 2
15 Permission for setting up of a DR/BCP centre by IT units. 7
16 Permission for movement of Data backup tape by IT units. 7
17 Proposal of units for approval of list of services. (UAC matter) 7
18 Final Exit Order from SEZ Scheme after receiving of requisite NOC / documents. 15
19 Monitoring of performance of the units as per Annual Performance Report submitted by them by UAC. 30
20 GSP Certification 2
21 SCNs including Adjudication Orders under FTDR Act. 75
22 Data compilation, reply of parliament questions and report/returns to DoC. 75